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Caring For Our Own - Health Care in Saskatchewan

Program Information

Students will understand that advances in technology and medical knowledge, improved transportation and all weather-roads, free medical care, and a host of other factors have contributed to improving health care for the people of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan's leadership role in the path to Medicare will be highlighted. In the in-museum Discovery Box program, they will look at how early Saskatchewan residents responded to medical situations. The in-classroom lesson plans compare medical care of the past with that of contemporary Saskatchewan and discuss the technology and knowledge that have contributed to the care we receive today.

Grades and Curriculum Connections

Grade 4: Social Studies IN4.1; IN4.3; DR4.1
Grade 5: Social Studies IN5.1; DR5.1; DR5.2, Science HB5.1; FM5.3, Health Education USC5.3

Themes: Health Care, Saskatchewan Contributions, Medicare

*All curriculum links are to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Curriculum Online

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In-Museum Discovery Box Program

Sock, onion, mustard powder, garlic, photo of iron lung, mortar and pestleThis teacher-led Discovery Box explores the challenges early Saskatchewan residents faced when trying to meet their health care needs.

Cost: In-museum Discovery Box programs are
$3.00 / student. Pre-booking is required.

Location: This program is available at all WDM locations.

Dates: Please contact the WDM near you.


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In-Classroom Lesson Plans and Resources 

Three complete in-classroom lesson plans (with material lists, Saskatchewan 'Fast Facts', and additional resources) available FREE in school libraries as part of the Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide for Teachers resources book and online.

Download Lesson Plans in English.

Get Adobe ReaderLesson Plans are PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

Note: Hard copies of the Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide for Teachers are available for $32.95 at any WDM location.

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Research Documents and Resources

Get Adobe ReaderResearch Documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

The Impact of the Spanish Flu Epidemic on Saskatchewan Farm Families, 1918-1919 by Joan Champ (WDM)

Pioneer Cure-Alls: The Use of Home Remedies and Patent Medicines in Rural Saskatchewan, 1900-1930 by Joan Champ (WDM)

Early Medical Practices from the WDM Teacher's Handbook

First Nations Health in Saskatchewan 1905-2005, a WDM-SICC research paper by Lorraine Cameron (SICC)

Saskatchewan Leads the World in the Fight Against Tuberculosis by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

Saskatchewan's Air Ambulance Service by Janet MacKenzie (WDM)

Saskatchewan Cares for its Own and Defines Being Canadian for Canadians by Janet MacKenzie (WDM)

Resources from our George Shepherd Library >>