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The Long and Winding Road: Transportation and Saskatchewan

Program Information

Through a study of the progress of transportations methods in Saskatchewan, students will understand that technology both shapes society, and is shaped by society. Students will gain a sense of unique Saskatchewan challenges of distance, geography, and climate and how these factors have affected transportation. In the in-museum Discovery Box program, students will explore transportation artifacts, including maps. The in-classroom lesson plans focus on how Saskatchewan people have overcome transportation challenges through creativity and innovation.

Grades and Curriculum Connections

Grade 5: Social Studies DR5.1

Themes: Technology, Transportation, Land, Saskatchewan Innovation

Historical Thinking Concepts: Analyse Cause and Consequence

*All curriculum links are to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Curriculum Online

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In-Museum Discovery Box Program

TransportationThis teacher-led Discovery Box contains artifacts related to transportation history, including a model Red River Cart, horse shoe, maps, and a railway date nail.

Cost: In-museum Discovery Box programs are
$3.00 / student. Pre-booking is required.

Location: This program is available at all WDM locations.

Dates: Please contact the WDM near you.


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In-Classroom Lesson Plans and Resources 

Three complete in-classroom lesson plans (with material lists, Saskatchewan 'Fast Facts', and additional resources) available FREE in school libraries as part of the Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide for Teachers resources book and online.

Download Lesson Plan in English.

Get Adobe ReaderLesson Plans are PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

Note: Hard copies of the Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide for Teachers are available for $32.95 at any WDM location.


Research Documents and Resources

Get Adobe ReaderResearch Documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

Beyond the Grid, a WDM-SICC research paper by Lua Young (SICC)

"Land Transportation" from the WDM Teacher's Handboook

Heavy Horses at Saskatchewan's Fairs During the 1920s by Joan Champ (WDM)

The Cold and Bumpy Ride: Busing to School in Rural Saskatchewan During the 1950s by Joan Champ (WDM)

Summer Travel in the North in the 1950s by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

The Role of the Airplane in the North in the 1950s by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)


Lorch Snowplane

The Lorch snowplane is a significant item in the WDM collection because it played such an important role in the development of Prairie transportation. Karl Lorch wanted to build a machine that would replace the horse and cutter during winter months.

Read more about Lorch and his snowplane >>


To Fly Like a Bird...The Building of an Ornithopter

Ralph Vallevand of Elbow, Saskatchewan dreamed of flying like a bird. In true pioneer spirit, he set about to build a machine that would make his dream a reality.
Vallevand was not alone. For hundreds of years, humans have longed for the freedom of birds.

Find out more about ornithopters >>

Saskatchewan's Ferry System

It was not by southern prairie trails that the first Europeans ventured into the vast wilderness of western Canada–it was by the great northern rivers. While rivers were the highways of the north, in the south they were roadblocks to overland travellers and crossing them posed all sorts of difficulties.

Learn about Saskatchewan's ferry system >>



Fueled by Innovation exhibit at WDM Saskatoon

Explore the world of alternate fuel vehicles. Some are homegrown in Saskatchewan; others came from beyond our borders. From the practical to the fanciful, all reflect a spirit of innovation.

Connect past to present as you discover that many of today’s innovations are rooted in yesterday’s ideas. More about Fueled by Innovation >>

fueled by innovation exhibit at WDM Saskatoon