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Gifts of the Land: Traditional Resources in Saskatchewan

Program Information

Students will explore the physical and spiritual importance of the resources of land, water, and forests to Aboriginal people in Saskatchewan, both in the past and in today's society. The in-museum Discovery Box holds touchable artifacts such as sweetgrass and sage to stimulate the senses and engage the students in experiential learning. The in-classroom lesson plans focus on Aboriginal resource use and worldview past and present. Students will engage in a Traditional Resources webquest activity which explores questions surrounding Aboriginal resource rights today.

Grades and Curriculum Connections

Grade 9: Social Studies IN9.3, RW9.2

Themes: First Nations, Natural Resources, Worldviews

*All curriculum links are to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Curriculum Online

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In-Museum Discovery Box Program

Items from the Traditional Resources Discovery Box - model birch bark canoe, willow basket, rabbit pelt, piece of buffalo fur, and cedar branchThis teacher-led Discovery Box contains a variety of items such as a buffalo coat, sinew, a bone needle, a model birch bark canoe, Labrador tea, rat root, kinnikinnick, buffalo berries, and brain tanned hide..

Cost: In-museum Discovery Box programs are
$3.00 / student. Pre-booking is required.

Location: This program is available at all WDM locations.

Dates: Please contact the WDM near you.


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In-Classroom Lesson Plans and Resources 

Three complete in-classroom lesson plans (with material lists, Saskatchewan 'Fast Facts', and additional resources) available FREE in school libraries as part of the Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide for Teachers resources book and online.

Download Lesson Plans in English.

Get Adobe ReaderLesson Plans are PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

Note: Hard copies of the Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide for Teachers are available for $32.95 at any WDM location.

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Research Documents and Resources

Get Adobe ReaderResearch Documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

Living Off The Land in the Early Twentieth Century: First Nations Subsistence in Saskatchewan, by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

Renewable and Non-renewable Resources and Northern Aboriginal Communities: Impacts and Initiatives, a WDM-SICC research paper by Lua Young (SICC)