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Museum Manners - Rules for School Groups   

Museum Manners are intended to keep students and our artifacts safe and ensure a good experience for all visitors. Please make sure your chaperones and students are aware of and ready to follow them.

NOTE: Specific Museums and programs may have additional rules. Please check with Museum staff when booking.

Museum Manners (PDF)

Manières de Musée PDF)


1. Walk, don’t run.
Running can harm you and other visitors. Running can also cause damage to Museum artifacts. Take your time, there is a lot to see.

2. Do not touch.
Fingerprints and pen marks cause damage. Help us to protect our artifacts.

3. Do not climb on Museum artifacts.
This includes tractors, buildings, and other large machines. You could fall and get hurt or hurt an artifact.

4. Talk quietly with one another about what you see.
Listen to the Museum volunteers, your teachers and your chaperones. Talk quietly with each other. Don’t shout or yell.

5. No food, drink, or gum.
Bugs and mice like all sorts of crumbs and spills, so there’s no eating and drinking in the Museum, including water, gum, and candy.

6. Students must be with an adult at all times.
Students - stay with your group.
Teachers - before arrival, divide your class into appropriate groups with an adult chaperone in charge of each group.
Chaperones - keep track of the students in your group.

7. Be on time.
Late arrivals may have guided tours or demonstrations cut short or even cancelled. If you know your group will be late, notify the Museum as soon as possible.

8. Shopping in the Museum gift shop is not a scheduled part of a school visit.
If you want your students to shop, please allow extra time. Chaperones must always be present.

9. Respect the Museum and the people around you.
The Museum reserves the right to ask groups or individuals who do not comply with our Museum Manners to leave.