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WDM North Battleford
Pre-School / Pre-Kindergarten / Kindergarten

Please note that these programs are only available
by pre-registering and space is limited.


Giddy Up and Whoa

Horses pulling a wagonHorses have played a big part in Saskatchewan's history. Pioneers depended on horses for travel, power in the fields, pleasure, carrying goods to market, and more. Come visit mini ponies, watch a bridle demonstration tour the WDM barn, make a craft and go on a wagon ride.

Grade: Preschool

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ABC Box in progressA scripted teacher led program featuring hands-on interaction with an artifact for every letter of the alphabet.

Grade(s): Grade 1 Social Studies (Also Grades K-6)

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Museum Days

North Battleford WDM Discovery Room program in progressThese are busy days at the Museum! Students get hands-on with Museum artifacts to learn about Saskatchewan's past. Make (and taste!) butter and ice cream, twist twine into rope, make crafts, listen to stories, explore our 1920s village, watch farming demonstrations, visit a petting zoo, sit in real 1920s school desks, learn about gardening, and more.

Grade(s): K - 7

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Tell Me A Story - First Nations Storytelling in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide For Teachers

Wolf, eagle, and frog puppets from WDM Tell Me A Story grade 1 programOverview: Students will learn that First Nations legends are stories that are handed down from the past, think about why we like to listen to stories and what these stories tell us about the cultures that created them. During the in-museum Discovery Box program, students will listen to several First Nations stories told using colourful puppets. Through the FREE in-classroom lesson plans, they will discuss core concepts, read several First Nations stories, and, as a class, write their own story.

Grade 1 Social Studies
Date(s): Please contact the WDM North Battleford WDM for specific program dates.

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