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WDM Saskatoon - Giddy Up and Whoa

It’s On a Horse and Wagon Ride We Go!
Program for Preschools

Swishing his tail and pointing his nose,
Over the hill the horsie goes;
Pulling the wagon with us inside-
Oh how happy we are for the ride.

Program Information

Saskatoon WDM Museum Days Milking CowFALL 2017 Session

Dates: October 2-6, 2017
Application deadline: Friday, September 8

SPRING 2018 Session

Dates: May 7-11, 2018
Application Deadline: April 2, 2018


What Does The Program Include?

- A horse and wagon ride
- A close look at a horse (hooves, bridle, mane ...)
- A chance to meet the animals in the WDM Red Barn
- A tour of the WDM Red Barn
In the barn we keep 5 - 6 fancy sleighs that children can sit in and view close-up. Many groups take class pictures in the sleighs, so bring your cameras. It could be Santa’s sleigh!

- You will have an opportunity to look at “horsie” items
- What do you use to care for your horse? Samples of combs, bits, horse shoes and nails are provided.
- Books with horse stories and pictures for you to read and look at.
- Pictures of horses to colour and take home.
- 1910 Boomtown buildings: the Harness Shop and the Livery Stable both relate to the role of horses in our past.

See PDF below for full program details.


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Giddy-Up and Whoa! Program Information - FALL 2017 (PDF)
Giddy-Up and Whoa! Application - FALL 2017 (PDF)

Giddy-Up and Whoa! Program Information - SPRING 2018 (PDF)
Giddy-Up and Whoa! Application - SPRING 2018 (PDF)


Horse and wagon