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WDM Saskatoon
Grade 4 Harvest Demonstration

Program Information

Approximately 3000 students attend the annual Grade Four Threshing Demonstration at the Saskatoon WDM. The event has been a WDM tradition since 1975. It recreates harvests of years gone by, with a focus on highlighting the progression of harvesting methods over time.

The September 2014 program marked the 40th year that the Saskatoon WDM has presented the Harvest Demonstration to Grade 4 students from around Saskatchewan. Nearly 100,000 Grade 4 students from Saskatchewan have attended the program since it began. WDM volunteers and staff have worked tirelessly every fall to ensure the Museum can continue to share this important part of Saskatchewan history with students.

Location: Saskatoon Western Development Museum
Dates: 2018 dates TBD

Program Cost: $4.00 / student


Grades and Curriculum Connections

Grade: Grade 4 Social Studies (PDF)


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