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WDM Saskatoon
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Please note that these programs are only available
by pre-registering and space is limited.


Giddy-Up and Whoa Program for Preschools

Saskatoon WDM Giddy Up and Whoa four legged volunteerGiddy-up and Whoa is a preschool program developed to teach children about horses, how important they are to us today and especially to people of long ago.  Children enjoy a horse and wagon ride, a tour of the WDM's barn and the opportunity to interact with a variety of farm animals. Information for the spring session will be sent to Preschools in late March. 

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A Christmas Long Ago

Santa and Mrs. Claus making cookiesA teacher-led program for kindergarten students which provides students the opportunity to learn some of the ways of the festive season during pioneer times.  The teacher is provided with a written storyline for the story session.  The story, as it is told to the children, will be accompanied by a series of slides and specific artifacts along with an explanation and directions.  As well, students may place some old-fashioned decorations on the tree and/or look at some old-fashioned gifts handled by the teacher.

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Tell Me A Story - First Nations Storytelling in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide For Teachers

Wolf, eagle, and frog puppets from WDM Tell Me A Story grade 1 programOverview: Students will learn that First Nations legends are stories that are handed down from the past, think about why we like to listen to stories and what these stories tell us about the cultures that created them. During the in-museum Discovery Box program, students will listen to several First Nations stories told using colourful puppets. Through the FREE in-classroom lesson plans, they will discuss core concepts, read several First Nations stories, and, as a class, write their own story.

Kindergarten Social Studies
Dates: This program is available September-October and January-June.

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Festival of Trees School Visits

The WDM Saskatoon hosts annually the popular Christmas display Festival of Trees. Bring your students for a self-guided visit to see historical 1910 Boomtown brought to life in festive splendour. Add a special season sparkle by visiting the “Once Upon A Christmas” exhibit, an annual WDM display of fairy tales and holiday scenes presented in early, simple animatronics.

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