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In Remembrance

Saturday, November 4
1:00 - 4:00 pm

In Remembrance Anson


Join us for a selection of short films from the National Film Board about Canada at war in the Saskatchewan Theatre, guided tours of the British Commonwealth Air Training Program exhibit, as well as a presentation by Mr. Will Chabun of the Regina Chapter of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society. Mr. Chabun will be sharing photos and speaking about the stories of the people involved in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

There will also be a Remembrance Day story time and poppy craft for younger visitors.

National Film Board Short Films

Short films will be shown on a repeated loop throughout the day in the Saskatchewan Theatre in the Winning the Prairie Gamble Exhibit.

Children From Overseas
Stanley Hawes – 1940, 10 minutes
A WWII film about children evacuated from Britain and sent to Canada for their safety. The film begins in England with children seeking shelter as anti-aircraft guns roar outside. On their arrival in Canada, they are thrilled by the brightly lit cities, powerful Canadian trains, hot dogs and ice cream. They find, too, that instead of becoming Mounties or cowboys, they have to go to school. The closing sequence shows them learning to ski and skate and preparing for Christmas in their new homes.

Wartime Housing
Graham McInnes – 1943, 17 minutes
This short documentary looks at the rapid industrial expansion that took place during WWII and the need for more decent housing. Workers flooding into urban centres and outlying areas were accommodated with small pre-fabricated homes that could be constructed quickly and efficiently.

Call for Volunteers
Radford Crawley – 1941, 9 minutes
This short archival film from WWII depicts how the women of Winnipeg opened a volunteer bureau and enlisted 7000 women into the war effort. Through a variety of activities, these women extended and maintained social services during the war.

Home Front
Stanley Hawes – 1940, 10 minutes
This short documentary is part of the Canada Carries On series of morale-boosting wartime propaganda films. In Home Front, the various WWII-era social contributions of women are highlighted. From medicine to industrial labour to hospitality, education and domesticity, the service these women provided to their country is lauded.

Back to Jobs
1945, 10 Minutes
This short documentary depicts the return of Canadian WWII veterans to civilian life, including those who, because of war injuries or lack of training, require special treatment or courses before taking on jobs. Throughout the program, emphasis is laid on individual adjustment to normal peacetime life and work. Part of the Canada Carries On series.

Women are Warriors
Jane Marsh – 1942, 16 minutes
This short film from WWII focuses on the increasingly important roles women occupy on the various war fronts. In England, their more active jobs include ferrying planes from factory to airfield and operating anti-aircraft guns. In Russia, they are fighting on the front lines as well as acting as parachute nurses, army doctors and technicians. In Canada women have joined active service auxiliaries, and thousands labour day and night in factories turning out the tools of war. From the Canada Carries On series.

Stitch and Save
Jim MacKay – 1943, 3 minutes
This short wartime animation was designed to promote the remodeling of old clothing as part of the World War II effort.


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