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We have 100 acres (40 hectares), with over 30 homes and businesses representing the boom years of the 1920s - and a farmstead.  Check out a few of the highlights below.

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CNR Railway Station

One hundred years ago, a plaintive whistle in the distance sent townfolks scurrying to the railway station to meet new arrivals or to pick up their catalogue mail order or long awaited letters from home. Knitting together far-flung prairie towns and villages, the railway was a vital link between the prairie frontier and the outside world.

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Workhorse of the Prairies

The North Battleford WDM's Type 4-6-0 locomotive was built in 1913, for the Canadian Northern Railway. In the early years it was used in mainline passenger service. Locomotives like this gained the nickname workhorse of the prairies.

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Doctor's Office and Drug Store

WDM North Battleford Doctor's Office OpeningOur newest building, opened in May 2011. We invite you to step back into the 1920s, to imagine what it was like to finally have a doctor and druggist set up shop in town.

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Towering above the landscape, a beacon for prairie travellers, the grain elevator has come to symbolize the settlement of the West in the early years of the 20th century.

Intent on saving this quintessential symbol of prairie farm life, in 1983 the North Battleford Western Development Museum masterminded the transfer of a Saskatchewan Wheat Pool elevator from the village of Keatley, Saskatchewan.

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Churches of the Village

St. Anthony's Roman Catholic ChurchFaith was a sustaining element in the lives of many people. The Heritage Village has four authentic churches: St. Luke's Roman Catholic Church, St. Mary's Anglican Church, St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, and Holy Trinity Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church.

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Blacksmith Shop

Blacksmith ShopThe blacksmith sharpened plowshares, replaced horseshoes, repaired wheels and shaped iron into tools and replacement parts. Metal was heated in a forge, where bellows forced air through the fire to heat the iron. Tongs were used to hold each malleable, red hot item on the anvil while the blacksmith hammered it into the desired shape with his sledge. It was then plunged into a nearby tank of water to harden it.

If you are interested in learning more about blacksmithing, you are invited to sign up for the WDM Introduction to Blacksmithing course.

Farm House

Farm HouseThe farm home of the McLaren family of Rockhaven was built in 1914 and donated to the WDM in 1987. Built in the Ontario Gothic style, it was constructed in two stages. The upstairs walls are unfinished; the original lathe and plaster walls are still exposed. The house was not wired for electricity. Items used by the McLaren family and given with the house include a hooked rug and blanket chest which was used for storage and as additional work space.

North West Mounted Police Outpost

North West Mounted Police Outpost - North Battleford WDMThe NWMP building was originally built in 1895 in the Jackfish Lake District, which includes Meota. It was moved to the Village in 1967.

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Ukrainian Home

Brown suitcaseThe house at the North Battleford WDM illustrates a style of building that was brought to Saskatchewan in the late 1800s by Ukrainian settlers.

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The Doctor's Home

Known as The Doctor's Home, this building was once the home of Dr. Joseph Jules Hamelin, a major influence in early North Battleford. His former home was donated to the WDM by the Pioneer Home Commitee of the Association Cultrelle Franco-Canadian (The French Canadian Association). It now stands as a testament ot the pioneering spirit of a prairie doctor and requires significant work to bring it back to life and preserve the spirit and memory of such a remarkable man.

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Telephone and Post Office

Government Telephones signUntil the Department of Telephone was set up in 1908, telephone service was provided by privately-owned companies. Under government regulations, the government provided service to urban communities, including trunk links for long distance. In rural areas, provision was made for telephone districts with boards to be elected by the residents of the communities. As late as 1933, there were 1,169 cooperative telephone companies in Saskatchewan.

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Pussy Willows and Prairie Wool

Transplanted virgin prairie sod and native willow commemorates the beauty and promise of the Saskatchewan prairie and is dedicated to the pioneers of the Forest Hall, Highworth, Metropole, Mount Hope, Ranger, and Whitewood Lake districts.