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Saskatchewan Agriculture Resources

In-Classroom Activities and Resources

NOTE: All files below are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Agricultural Measurements and WeightsWDM's many resources

Facts about Saskatchewan Agriculture

Facts about Canadian Agriculture by Agriculture More Than Ever

Farms in Saskatchewan

Farm House Sudoku

First Nations and Métis Agriculture - History

Harvest Equipment Cost and Price of Wheat Comparisons

Harvest Hand Tools

Harvest Time Remembrances

Inside a Combine

Inside a Threshing Machine

Sod House Information

Sod House
Sod House Photo

Typical Day During Threshing Time

What is a Sweep?

What You Should Know About Wheat

Whistle Signals

WDM research papers about to Agriculture


"Harvest Time" Photographs

NOTE: All files below are in JPEG format unless otherwise noted.

Grade 4 Harvest Demonstration Photograph Descriptions (PDF)

Download ALL Grade 4 Harvest Time Photographs (.zip file)

sickle on stook

scythe on grain sack

cradle scythe in field
Cradle Scythe

flail on grain sack

stone threshing roller
Threshing Roller


hog and shaker at Grade 4 Threshing
Hog & Shaker

horse treadmill

Shaker and Treadmill


binder behind tractor

single stook

empty bundle wagon
Bundle Wagon

stationary steam engine
Steam Engine

separator and engine


Men on bundle wagon feeding bundles into threshing machine
Threshing in Operation

man standing with small grain wagon
Grain Wagon

ladies delivering lunch by horse and wagon to men in the field
Lunch Time

sunshine waterloo combine
Sunshine Combine

separator behind stractor
Separator with Straw Walker

steam engine
Portable Steam

gasonline powered engine
Gasoline Engine

small gas powered tractor
Gas Tractor

saw powered by a one-horse sweep
One-Horse Saw

well boring machine at WDM

Well Boring Machine

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Programs and Field Trips

WDM Saskatoon Grade 4 Harvest Demonstration

Saskatoon WDM Grade 4 Threshing Demonstration bundle wagonApproximately 3000 students attend the annual Grade Four Threshing Demonstration at the Saskatoon WDM. The event has been a WDM tradition since 1975. It recreates harvests of years gone by, with a focus on highlighting the progression of harvesting methods over time. 

WDM Saskatoon Grade 4 Harvest >>


WDM North Battleford Grade 4 Threshing Demonstration

A dedicated crew of Museum staff and volunteers use Museum artifacts and commentary to provide a first-hand glimpse of harvesting techniques from the days of hand tools and the era of steam and gas traction. Students will be taken along on a journey from hand power, to horse-power to mechanization. 

WDM North Battleford Grade 4 Threshing >>