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Saskatchewan Treasures: Natural Resources

Program Information

Students will discover that Saskatchewan is rich in resources, both in quantity and quality. This program deals with both non-renewable and renewable resources. The in-museum Discovery Box contains a host of resource samples and photos as well as a map of where resources are mined. In-classroom lesson plans discuss uses for resources, the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources, resource conservation, and sources of renewable energy.

Grades and Curriculum Connections

Grade 4: Social Studies RW4.3 and Science RM4.1; RM4.2

Themes: Resources, Saskatchewan Contributions, Renewable Energy

*All curriculum links are to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Curriculum Online

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In-Museum Discovery Box Program

Mink stole, cross section of pine tree, core samples, potash, and a photo of an oil rigThis teacher-led Discovery Box contains samples of potash, lumber, sodium sulphate, and other Saskatchewan resources as well as a map of where they come from.

Cost: In-museum Discovery Box programs are
$3.00 / student. Pre-booking is required.

Location: This program is available at all WDM locations.

Dates: Please contact the WDM near you.


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Contact a WDM.

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In-Classroom Lesson Plans and Resources 

Three complete in-classroom lesson plans (with material lists, Saskatchewan 'Fast Facts', and additional resources) available FREE in school libraries as part of the Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide for Teachers resources book and online.

Download Lesson Plans in English.

Get Adobe ReaderLesson Plans are PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

Note: Hard copies of the Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide for Teachers are available for $32.95 at any WDM location.

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Research Documents and Resources

Get Adobe ReaderResearch Documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

Saskatchewan's Uranium Bonanza by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

Saskatchewan's Long History of Mining by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

Saskatchewan's Clay Resources by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

Sand, Gravel and Stone by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

Peat Production in Saskatchewan by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

Nourishing the Crops of the World - Saskatchewan's Potash Industry by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

Noble Quest - The Search for Gold in Saskatchewan by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

Logging in Saskatchewan by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

Diamond Drills and Saskatchewan Thrills by Janet Mackenzie (WDM)

Resources from our George Shepherd Library >>