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Connecting to the World - Saskatchewan Achievements in Communications

Program Information

Students will learn about how communications, or lack thereof, affected the lives of people in the past, challenges which impeded communication with others, and how communications continue to play a major role in the lives of people today. In the in-museum Discovery Box program, students will examine artifacts to learn about how advances in commutations technology have affected the daily lives of people in Saskatchewan. The in-classroom lesson plans will focus on Saskatchewan's achievements in the field of communication, including SaskTel's fame as a world leader in fiber optic technology.

Grades and Curriculum Connections

Grade 7: Social Studies DR7.3 and English Language Arts CR7.4, CR7.7, CC7.5, CC7.9

Themes: Daily Life, Saskatchewan Achievements, Communication, Technology, Needs and Wants

Historical Thinking Concepts: Historical Significance

*All curriculum links are to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Curriculum Online

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In-Museum Discovery Box Program

CommunicationThis teacher-led Discovery Box contains artifacts related to communications history, including a telegraph key, a telephone insulator, a crystal radio, and a dial telephone.

Cost: In-museum Discovery Box programs are
$3.00 / student. Pre-booking is required.

Location: This program is available at all WDM locations.

Dates: Please contact the WDM near you.


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In-Classroom Lesson Plans and Resources 

Three complete in-classroom lesson plans (with material lists, Saskatchewan 'Fast Facts', and additional resources) available FREE in school libraries as part of the Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide for Teachers resources book and online.

Download Lesson Plans in English.

Get Adobe ReaderLesson Plans are PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

Note: Hard copies of the Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide for Teachers are available for $32.95 at any WDM location.


WDM Resources

Five Milestones that Changed the Way We Use the Telephone

How we make local telephone calls in SK changed in 2014 with the introduction of 10-digit dialing and a new area code (639). It isn’t the first time that the way we make telephone calls has changed.

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WDM North Battleford Telephone Office
“You’re never alone when you have a phone.”

The Telephone Exchange and Post Office in the Village offers Museum visitors a chance to sample a taste of rural life in the 1920s. A vintage telephone in a replica telephone booth presents a wonderful opportunity for museum visitors to experience.

More history of Saskatchewan telephone service >>