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WDM Moose Jaw - Grade 8

Please note that these programs are only available
by pre-registering and space is limited.


Load of Nonsense

A teacher-led artifact game of truth or lie with an immigration theme. Load Of Nonsense places students in the role of early settlers, who work together as immigrants on a journey to reach Saskatchewan. Will your students know which card states the true use of the mystery artifact?

Grades: Grade 3 Social Studies IN3.1; DR3.1 (Also Grades 4-8)
Length: 1 hour
Dates: Offered year round.
Program Cost:
$3.00 / student

Please contact the Moose Jaw WDM to book.

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Saskatchewan Wartime Contributions
Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide For Teachers

Items from the Wartime Discovery Box - a hand knit sock, beaded poppy, ration coupon book, Victory Bond ad, bag of wheatOverview: Students will learn about Saskatchewan's participation in the world wars, our contributions, and about life on the homefront. The in-museum Discovery Box program focuses on the homefront and the effects of war on the people of Saskatchewan. FREE in-classroom lesson plans discuss how young people helped war efforts and the experience of Aboriginal people during and after the First World War. 

Grades: Grade 8 Social Studies (Also Grade 12 Social Studies, History 30)

Please contact the Moose Jaw WDM for specific program dates.

Learn more about the Saskatchewan Wartime Contributions program and resources >>

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