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WDM Moose Jaw
Pre-School / Pre-Kindergarten / Kindergarten

Please note that these programs are only available
by pre-registering and space is limited.



ABC Box in progressA scripted teacher led program featuring hands-on interaction with an artifact for every letter of the alphabet.

Grades: Kindergarten Social Studies INK.2
(Also Grades 1-6)

Dates: Offered year round
Cost: $3 per student
Length: 1.5 hours

Please contact the WDM Moose Jaw to book.

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A Christmas Long Ago

Christmas Long AgoA Museum-led program for kindergarten students to learn some of the ways of the festive season during pioneer times.

The session centers around a story, and as it is told to the children, it will be accompanied by a series of slides and specific artifacts along with an explanation and directions. As well, students may place some old-fashioned decorations on the tree and/or look at some old-fashioned gifts handled by the Museum staff.

Grade(s): Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

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Museum Learning Day

Moose Jaw WDM program in progressStudents learn by doing as they try their hand at old-fashioned skills, make crafts and meet Museum volunteers who show them their special skills.

Kindergarten Social Studies INK.2
NOTE: Activities may vary from year to year, which means that some curriculum connections may change.
(Also Grades K-6)

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