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WDM North Battleford - Museum Days

Students watch sheep shearing at the WDM North Battleford barn

Program Information

Students get hands-on with Museum artifacts to learn about Saskatchewan's past. Make (and taste!) butter and ice cream, twist twine into rope, make crafts, listen to stories, explore our 1920s village, watch farming demonstrations, visit a petting zoo, sit in real 1920s school desks, learn about gardening, and more.

Dates: June 6 - 7, 2019
Cost: $4.00 per student.

WDM North Battleford - Museum Days - Information (PDF)


Grades and Curriculum Connections

Kindergarten Arts Education CHK.1; Social Studies INK.1; RWK.1
Grade 1 Social Studies DR1.1; DR1.3; RW1.1; RW1.2
Grade 2 Social Studies IN2.2; DR2.1; DR2.2; RW 2.1; Science LS2.1
Grade 3 Social Studies IN3.1; IN3.2; DR3.2; RW3.1; RW3.2; RW3.3
Grade 4 Social Studies IN4.2; IN4.3; DR4.1; RW4.1; RW4.2
Grade 5 Social Studies DR5.1; DR5.3; Science MC5.1; MC 5.2; FM5; FM5.3
Grade 6 Social Studies
Grade 7 Social Studies

NOTE: Activities may vary from year to year, which means that some curriculum connections may change


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