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WDM North Battleford - School Threshing Demonstration


About the Program

This demonstration is designed to give an overview of the development of harvest techniques from the days of hand tools to horse power to the era of steam to gas tractors and combines. A special focus is on the social aspects of harvesting. A dedicated crew of Museum staff and volunteers use Museum artifacts and commentary to provide a first-hand glimpse of harvesting in days gone by.

Date: September 21, 2018

Location: Western Development Museum - North Battleford

Cost: $4.00 per student.

More Information:
WDM North Battleford School Threshing - Information (PDF)


Grades and Curriculum Connections

Grade 4 Social Studies IN4.3; RW4.1; RW4.2; RW4.3
Grade 3 Social Studies


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WDM North Battleford School Threshing - Application (PDF)


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We've created and collected pre and post visit resources and activities for you and your students, from photos to farm facts to Suduko style puzzles.

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Thank you very much for inviting us to the harvest program held on September 27, 2000. We feel that it was very beneficial to our students. We hope that you continue to offer this program for the future grade 4 students.
- Grade 4 teachers from Holy Family School