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WDM Saskatoon - Grade 2

Please note that these programs are only available
by pre-registering and space is limited.


Museum Days

Saskatoon WDM Museum Days Milking CowOverview: Come learn, live and celebrate Saskatchewan's heritage at Museum Days. Museum Day will bring the museum alive, inside and out, with demonstrations, interpretations, displays and activities. Students, accompanied by a chaperone/teacher, may try their hand at different “old-time” activities, including making a rope, turning wheat into flour, writing with a nib pen and ink, washing clothes on a scrub board, pumping water and more.

Grades: 2 - 6

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Wheels & Runners

Wheels & Runners is a two hour teacher-led education program based on the theme: transportation has played important roles in the development of Saskatchewan communities. Students will interact with transportation related artifacts, take part in a story, make a take-home craft, and tour the museum.

Grade: 2

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Schools Then and Now
Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide For Teachers

A Union Jack, a hand held bell, a slate, and a syrup pail help tell the story of Schools Then and Now in this WDM programOverview:  Through comparisons, students will explore how school life has changed from the early 1900s to present day for teachers and students. The in-museum Discovery Box program features touchable artifacts to facilitate experiential learning. Through the in-classroom lesson plans, students will learn about proper letter format and write letters to students of the future and place it in a time capsule.

Grade: Grade 2 Social Studies

This program is available September-October and January-June.

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Festival of Trees School Visits

The WDM Saskatoon hosts annually the popular Christmas display Festival of Trees. Bring your students for a self-guided visit to see historical 1910 Boomtown brought to life in festive splendour. Add a special season sparkle by visiting the “Once Upon A Christmas” exhibit, an annual WDM display of fairy tales and holiday scenes presented in early, simple animatronics.

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