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WDM Saskatoon - Grade 4

Please note that these programs are only available
by pre-registering and space is limited.


Explore Ag & Seed Survivor

Grade 3-6 students are invited to a FREE half-day field trip that explores AGRICULTURE!

Students are guided through a curriculum-based program that includes hands-on lessons on growing healthy plants and healthy food, interactive computer games, sunflower seed planting station, a scavenger hunt in the museum and much more!

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Grade Four Harvest Demonstration

Saskatoon WDM Grade 4 Threshing Demonstration bundle wagonApproximately 3000 students attend the annual Grade Four Threshing Demonstration at the Saskatoon WDM. The event has been a WDM tradition since 1975. It recreates harvests of years gone by, with a focus on highlighting the progression of harvesting methods over time. 

Grade: 4

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Museum Days

Saskatoon WDM Museum Days Milking CowOverview: Come learn, live and celebrate Saskatchewan's heritage at Museum Days. Museum Day will bring the museum alive, inside and out, with demonstrations, interpretations, displays and activities. Students, accompanied by a chaperone/teacher, may try their hand at different “old-time” activities, including making a rope, turning wheat into flour, writing with a nib pen and ink, washing clothes on a scrub board, pumping water and more.

2 - 6

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When the Lights Came On - Rural Electrification in SK
Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide For Teachers

Candles, a model gas stove, a toaster, and other items from the WDM Rural Electrification programOverview: Students will explore what farm life was like before the rural electrification program brought power to Saskatchewan's farms in the 1950s. The effects of rural electrification on the lives of farm families and surrounding communities will be considered through hands-on interaction with artifacts in the in-museum Discovery Box program and through stories and writing assignments contained in the in-classroom lesson plans.

Grade 4 Social Studies (also Grade 3 Social Studies)
Dates: This program is available September-October and January-June.

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Festival of Trees School Visits

The WDM Saskatoon hosts annually the popular Christmas display Festival of Trees. Bring your students for a self-guided visit to see historical 1910 Boomtown brought to life in festive splendour. Add a special season sparkle by visiting the “Once Upon A Christmas” exhibit, an annual WDM display of fairy tales and holiday scenes presented in early, simple animatronics.

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