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Agriculture at the WDM

exhibit featuring an air seeder boot and photo of a combine

More than 65 years ago, the Western Development Museum was envisioned as a place to honour the role of farmers and settlers in the Canadian West. Today, the WDM takes a broad look at the province, but continues to collect and showcase the important place of agriculture in modern Saskatchewan.

The WDM is the first museum in Canada to sign the partnership agreement with Agriculture More Than Ever.

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Below are few of the agriculture related exhibits at our four Museum locations.

North Battleford WDM

The WDM has preserved an original prairie grain elevator at the North Battleford WDM. Built in the town of Keatley in 1928, in 1983 the elevator was moved from 60 km northeast of North Battleford to the Museum village.

Indoors, check our Auction Era exhibit
and mural highlighting the role of the
auction sale in rural life.

Saskatoon WDM

Winning the Prairie Gamble: Farm Life in Saskatchewan, an exhibit in the Saskatoon WDM, showcases one hundred years of farming, from 1905 to 2005. Not forgotten, rapid changes in farming since the 1950s can be traced in the exhibit,

Seasonal farm machinery galleryAnother gallery in the Saskatoon WDM celebrates the evolution of farming through an impressive look at changing machines and equipment.

The Agricultural Hall of Fame,, honouring Saskatchewan farm movers-and-shakers is located at the Saskatoon WDM.


Yorkton WDM

At the Yorkton WDM, the challenges of early farm years are evocatively revealed in a log house built in 1899 by homesteaders from Ukraine.

Outdoors, pole sheds house tractors and agricultural implements, including a six-cylinder Twin City 60-90 HP gas
Pole Shedtractor, built by Minneapolis Steel & Machine Company in 1916 and a c. 1900 windmill built by Ontario Wind Engine and Pump Company Limited of Toronto, Ontario.


Moose Jaw WDM

Beyond the GridThe Moose Jaw WDM shows the hardships of travel in early Saskatchewan. Getting grain to market was a challenge then, as now.

Resources and Programs for Schools

Students and teachers are invited to delve into a wealth of information. All WDMs offer discovery boxes about agriculture in Saskatchewan, First Nations farming and Métis farming.

“That was my favourite part of the day!”

Saskatoon WDM Grade 4 Threshing Demonstration bundle wagonSpecial WDM programs celebrate Saskatchewan’s long and heartfelt connection to the land. Each fall, Grade 4 students in and around Saskatoon and North Battleford gather to enjoy Grade 4 Harvest.

WDM Research and Artifact Stories

Research Papers

Through the WDM Library online catalogue, researchers can find papers written by WDM authors on various topics related to agriculture in Saskatchewan.


Podcast hosted by Real Agriculture - 2015

This 2015 podcast explores the role Canadian agriculture played in World War I and World War II, with an emphasis on prairie agriculture, and how farms were impacted by conscription, rations and a drive to produce.

The voices you’ll hear are those of your host, Debra Murphy; historian and assistant professor, Eric Strikwerda; and CEO of the Western Development Museum, Joan Champ.


Artifacts from the WDM Collection

'Disker Takes the Lead...' advertisement for Lewis discersA New Machine: The Discer

44,000 Pounds of Steel
American-Abell Steam Traction Engine

The Gray Tractor:
An Unconventional Design

Teeth Talk: The Bull Dog Line
Avery Undermounted Steam Engine

Bates tractor in Pion-Era paradeThe Bates Steel Mule, A ‘Mechanical Horse’

The Big Four by the Transit Thresher Company

The Bull with the Pull: Bull Tractor Company

Cockshutt 30: Full Power All the Time! First in the Field with NEW and REVOLUTIONARY “Live” Power Take-Off

Comfortractor an idea before its time

Ask the Man Who Owns One: Geiser Manufacturing Company

Hovland Reaper: Farmer Invention Led to Combine


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