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Collections Department

The WDM is the largest human history museum in Saskatchewan with a collection of nearly 80,000 artifacts. The Museum tells the Saskatchewan story from the beginning of settlement to the present.

The Collections Department catalogues and manages these artifacts.

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How to donate an artifact

Do you have an item you would like to offer to the WDM? By far, most of the WDM collection has been donated by people like you. We do not usually accept things on loan.

Contact Us
Contact your nearest WDM by telephone, email, letter, or in person. Your offer will be forwarded to the Acquisitions Committee at the WDM Curatorial Centre in Saskatoon. You may also contact Curatorial Centre staff: Alex Emery, Curatorial Assistant at or  call
306-934-1400. Please give us your name and contact information including your email address.

What to Tell Us
The more information you can tell us about the item, the better. We would like to know who used it, where it was used, who made it and when, where it was made and its condition. Do you have a story about it?

Send us Pictures
A current digital photograph of the item will help the Acquisitions Committee decide if the WDM will accept your offer. Do you have a photograph of the artifact as it was used - an image of Grampa riding that bicycle or Mom wearing those go-go boots? If your item is accepted, we would like a copy of that photo.

What Happens Next
We will check to see if we have similar artifacts in the collection. At its weekly meeting, the Acquisitions Committee will make a decision based on significance to the Saskatchewan story, how many similar artifacts are in the WDM collection, its condition, how it fits into exhibit plans, its heritage value and whether we have a place to put it. We will get back to you with the decision as soon as we can, usually within a week or two.

How Old Does it Have to Be?
Remember, an artifact does not have to be “real old” to be of interest to the WDM. Remember too that we are much more than a pioneer or tractor museum. We collect artifacts that show the Saskatchewan spirit, represent who we are, tell a Saskatchewan story, depict an historic event or illustrate our skills, innovation and know-how.

The WDM Has Lots of Pioneer Stuff...
...typewriters, sewing machines, stoves, cameras, hats, christening gowns, and wedding dresses. Unless yours has a good story, chances are we will gratefully decline it. Our storage space is limited too.

The Paperwork
We will send you a donation form which transfers unrestricted ownership to the WDM. Come in to sign the form or return the signed copy by mail. Your artifact will be catalogued and photographed; the information will be entered in our artifact database. Then it will go into storage or be put on exhibit. Often, artifacts are stored for future exhibits.

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