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Jingle Dress and Beaded Set

This Plains Cree child’s Jingle Dress and Beaded Set (WDM-2005-S-187) was made by a mother from Onion Lake First Nation for her daughter, who danced in this outfit at her first pow-wow c.1999-2001. She danced in many pow-wows over that summer. By the end of the summer, she had outgrown the dress and the outfit was donated to the WDM. Though the dress was sewn together in just three days, the beadwork took almost a month to complete.

Photo of blue jingle dress with other photos , shoes and other items on display.
Photo: Jingle Dress and Beaded Set on display at the WDM North Battleford. WDM Photo.

Learning to bead from her grandmother, the mother who made the outfit will in turn pass on this skill to her children. She began beading around the age of 14, starting with floral patterns because that is what her grandma used to bead. She also enjoys eagle and horse designs, as well as more contemporary patterns such as humming birds and butterflies. The butterfly features prominently in the set.

This Jingle Dress and Beaded Set is on display at the WDM North Battleford.

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