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Education Department

Connecting Past to Present

WDM programs build bridges and make connections between artifacts from Saskatchewan’s past and visitors of today.

Meaning and Memory

The Museum provides educational and public programming for students, families and visitors of all ages from near and far.

For Families

Crank the handle on an ice cream freezer and feel how turning gets tougher as the ice cream sets. Twist rope and walk away with the oily film of baler twine on your hands and your very own length of rope. Stook sheaves and feel the scratch of ripe stalks. Bump along on a hayrack ride. Enjoy WDM family programs and get up close and personal with the past. Check the WDM nearest you for the line-up of special Valentine, Easter, summer, harvest, Hallowe’en or Christmas programs.

""Moose Jaw WDM    ""North Battleford WDM
""Saskatoon WDM     ""Yorkton WDM

For Teachers

It's one-stop shopping for Saskatchewan history at the WDM. Online or at a WDM, check out our Guide for Teachers: Saskatchewan 1905-2005. Decorate you classroom with a Saskatchewan ABC border and learn 26 unique Saskatchewan facts. Book one of 25 discovery boxes or bring your class to curriculum-related programs throughout the school year.

""Moose Jaw WDM    ""North Battleford WDM
""Saskatoon WDM     ""Yorkton WDM

For Lifelong Learners

WDM training programs breathe new life into old trades. Wheelwrights and blacksmiths were once found in every Saskatchewan town. Only at the WDM can you learn the basics of wheelwrighting wooden wheels and blacksmithing metal pieces. Steam traction engine operation and buggy seat upholstery round out the WDM training course roster.

""Buggy Seat Upholstery         
Introduction to Blacksmithing
""Introduction to Wheelwrighting
Antique Steam Traction Engine Operation

Museum Volunteers

WDM programs wouldn’t run without WDM volunteers. Whether it’s helping a child to make a valentine, decorating a Christmas cookie, firing up an engine or hitching horses to a sleigh, WDM volunteers can be counted on to share their time and talent.

""More about WDM volunteers and how to become one.

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