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Holiday Films from the National Film Board

December 6, 2021 - January 9, 2022, - | Yorkton
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Join us for a selection of nostalgic short films from the National Film Board in the 100 Years of Saskatchewan History Theatre. Films are suitable for all ages and will be shown on a repeating loop. Films are included with Museum admission.

The Great Toy Robbery (1963), Jeff Hale, 6 minutes
This short animation stars the world’s most-wanted good guy: Santa Claus. In this spoof of the Wild West, good triumphs over evil, but not before the evil robbers and their innocent victims have romped through some odd situations.

Ludovic – Let it Snow (2011), Sylvain Lavoie, 12 minutes
It’s a nice winter day outside, and Ludovic and George are busy making snow bears. But George end up making a snow dragon. When their two snow creatures come to life, a nice game of red light-green light is great fun, until it’s a run to avoid the snowball blowing off of the snow dragon’s nose!

It’s Snow (1974), Gayle Thomas, 5 minutes
Colour cut-out animation inspired by the shape of snowflakes and touched with the airy magic of these fragile designs. While music tinkles invitingly, snowflakes roll and whirl, pulse and glitter, shining with the many hues of twinkling lights. Made without words, this is a joyous film to please the fancy and captivate eye and ear.

Teach Me to Dance (1978), Anne Wheeler, 28 min
In this drama, Lesia convinces her English-Canadian friend Sarah to perform a Ukrainian dance with her as part of their school’s Christmas pageant. Sarah’s father, angry at the growing number of Ukrainian settlers, won’t allow his daughter to participate. Despite the prejudices of their parents, the girls’ friendship remains strong, and they meet in Sarah’s barn to celebrate Christmas Day together.

The Sweater (1980) Sheldon Cohen, 10 min
In this animated short, Roch Carrier recounts the most mortifying moment of his childhood. At a time when all his friends worshipped Maurice “Rocket” Richard and wore his number 9 Canadiens hockey jersey, the boy was mistakenly sent a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey from Eaton’s. Unable to convince his mother to send it back, he must face his friends wearing the colours of the opposing team. This short film, based on the book The Hockey Sweater, is an NFB classic that appeals to hockey lovers of all ages.

The Pony (1955) Lawrence Cherry, 35 min
This black and white short film tells the heart-warming Christmas story of two Saskatchewan farm children and a pony named Pancho. There’s no real place for a horse on a fully mechanized wheat farm, but with will and heart they prove that one can be found.

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