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Eaton’s Once Upon a Christmas Exhibit

Dancing snowmen in Eatons Once Upon a Christmas exhibit

Capturing the magic and make-believe of the season! 

Since 1987, the Eaton’s Once Upon a Christmas exhibit has delighted visitors, young and old. The exhibit continues to be a major attraction for those who visit the WDM during the holiday season. It offers an opportunity for parents to share with their children memories of their childhood and it allows children to enter to a world of make-believe and magic.

We encourage you to visit the Saskatoon WDM from November 1, 2019 through January 12, 2020 with your family and enjoy this wonderful Saskatchewan tradition.

Thank you to our volunteers and staff for all of the time and effort put in to preparing this display.

  • Eaton’s Once Upon A Christmas History

    During the years following the Second World War, Canadians who shopped at Eaton’s in cities like Winnipeg and Toronto were treated to windows full of Christmas scenes and figures. Carols piped to the street wrapped the windows in the magical sounds of Christmas. It is these window displays that make...

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