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Showcase Rooms

British exhibit, featuring a female mannequin standing by a brick fireplace

Room exhibits showcase an array of artifacts from different cultures, including British, German, American, and Ukrainian.

  • American Room

    Many Americans immigrated the Canadian west at the turn of the century. American settlers sold their small corn or wheat farms and came north, with money and knowledge of dryland farming techniques. Most of the furniture in the American bedroom came from the Forester family of New Mexico.

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  • British Room

    A parlour represents the story of immigration from the British Isles. Many people from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales moved to Canada to escape economic hardship and poverty.

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  • Ukrainian Room

    Ukrainian settlers brought traditional cultural beliefs with them when they immigrated to Canada. In this room is the wheat which symbolized the spirits of fields and soil, embroidery work and pysanka, decorated eggs.

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  • German Room

    This dining room represents the cultural heritage of German settlers. The Germans have a long history of immigration to Eastern Canada. By the early 1900s, German-speaking groups were attracted to the Canadian West, primarily by its agricultural potential.

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