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Grain Bin

The grain bin (WDM-1998-NB-16) was purchased in 1918 by Levi Bousquet from the T. Eaton Company catalogue, for the Bousquet family farm near Wilkie. Levi sold the bin in around 1950, and it changed hands a few times before being donated to the WDM in 1998.  

The bin is made of galvanized steel with a central opening for a grain auger, an entry hatch in the roof, a single door entry on the front and a steel floor. Round steel grain bins like this became common across the prairies in the 20th century. This bin is an early example. Prior to this, grain bins were either wooden and square or rectangular, or were dug into the ground.  

This round style of grain bin is still in use today, though hoppers are generally added on the bottom of modern bins.  

Image: Front view of a threshing operation, no date.


Steel floor provided better protection from rodents and insects, as well as from ground moisture. 

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