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Hamelin Family House

Constructed between 1913 and 1919, this house (WDM-1973-NB- 13902 ) originally stood at 1202 Victoria Street, North Battleford. The original occupants were Dr. Joseph Jules Hamelin and his wife Marie Louise Stella Danis. They moved to Mortmartre from Quebec in 1908 and settled in North Battleford in 1910.    

Dr. Hamelin was a well-respected medical doctor in North Battleford. He was instrumental in the creation of the town’s first hospital in 1913, served as a city councillor for 11 years, alderman for 10 years, and was elected president of the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1949.  

The Hamelin family lived in the house until the 1950s. By 1960, it was owned by SaskTel and moved to the WDM grounds in 1970. This house highlights the history of French-Canadian migration to and settlement in the prairies and the French-Canadian history of the North Battleford region.  

Image: Interior of Dr. Hamelin’s house in North Battleford.


The house is a Transitional Colonial Revival style house and has common Arts and Crafts features such as the stucco siding with wood trim and window boxes.  

The original mouldings are present in an upstairs closet. 

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