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Holy Trinity Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church

This church (WDM-1973-NB-13900) was constructed in 1909-1910 by Ukrainian immigrants to the Hafford district. Community members donated time, land and materials to facilitate the construction of the church. The interior was completed around 1917 and expanded, with an extension at the front of the church, the choir loft and a vestry at the back.  

Many parishioners would walk as far as four miles each way to attend church services and then stand for the entire service which was about three hours long. There were benches around the sides for the elderly to sit on. The church was in use until 1968 when it was closed and moved to the WDM North Battleford.  

The establishment of a formal Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church organization in Canada occurred eight years after this church was built, making this an early example of a Ukrainian Greek Orthodox church in Canada. There was pressure for Ukrainian Greek Orthodox to assimilate into Catholic or Russian Orthodox practice, and the dedication the community put into constructing this church highlights the community’s commitment to their own practices.  


Built in a cruciform footprint, this church has a mixture of Byzantine and Gothic design elements. 

The linoleum in the nave of the church is from around 1937.  

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