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McLaren Family House

Construction on this farmhouse (WDM-1987-NB-25) began in 1914, when Jim McLaren ordered a railcar of lumber to build the kitchen on his homestead near Rockhaven. The rest of the house was completed in 1915 and shortly after Jim married Luella (Ella) Pearl Mawhinney. Ella gave birth to the first of their ten children in the house in 1917, and at least three more of their children were born in the house throughout the years.  

The house was never wired for electricity while it was lived in. The McLaren family used a wind charger to charge a battery which could then light the house.  

One of the younger children, Harold, lived on the farm with his mother until around 1970. After this, Harold and Ella continued to live on the farm in the summers but spent their winters in town until 1972 when Ella died. The house sat vacant until 1987 when it was moved to the WDM North Battleford. 


This house is a Vernacular Farmhouse wood frame Transitional Gothic Revival style 1 ½ story house, also called a “Gothic Vernacular Farmhouse.”  

Originally had a porch with glass windows but was altered by the WDM to be an open porch when the house was moved to the WDM in 1987. 

Original location of the house was on S.E ½ of 6-43-19 West of the 3rd. 

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