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Sod House

Exterior of sod house built by WDM staff

Inside the soddie, showing whitewashed wallsand a table with sewing machine ready for mending

At the sod house exhibit, the season is early summer. It is the first summer on the homestead for the farm wife and the children, the second for the husband. In the distance behind the house are storm clouds and smoke from a prairie fire.

Inside, the house measures 3.7 metres (12 feet) by 6 metres (20 feet). Around the house is an outhouse (in the mural), a wood pile and a well.

This house was built by Museum staff using photographs of sod homes to guide them. The sods were plowed from the edge of a slough near the Western Development Museum in North Battleford. It took more than 350 sod blocks to build this house.

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