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St Luke’s Roman Catholic Church

Constructed in 1910 by the Oblate Fathers (OMI) in Fielding, St. Luke’s Roman Catholic Church (WDM-1973-NB-13904) is an example of a commonly used layout for churches and public buildings such as schools in Saskatchewan at the time. The church was served by a parish priest who, in the 1920s, served eight communities at once.  

The exterior of the church is original, but the interior was redone in 1965, shortly before it was moved to the WDM in 1967.  

Image: St. Luke’s Church, 1957, courtesy of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert. 


The church was likely specifically designed for OMI, as similar churches were built in neighbouring communities. 

In 1925, the parish priest for Fielding also served the communities of Richard, Denholm, Hafford, Bear Lake, Radisson, Maymont and Rabbit Lake. 

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