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Agriculture Related In-Classroom Resources

Re-enacted circa 1920s agriculture scene: Grain harvest scene, featuring a gas tractor, threshing machine, horse drawn bundle wagon

We've created and collected agriculture related pre and post Museum visit resources and activities for you and your students to do in your classroom.


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NOTE: All files below are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Agricultural Measurements and Weights

Farm Food 360 Resources from Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan

Farm House Sudoku

Harvest Equipment Cost and Price of Wheat Comparisons

Harvest Time Remembrances

Inside a Combine

Inside a Threshing Machine

Sod House Information

Sod House Photo

Typical Day During Threshing Time

What is a Sweep?

What You Should Know About Wheat

Whistle Signals


In-Classroom Lesson Plans

Saskatchewan Agriculture – Contributions, Challenges, and Opportunities Lesson Plans (Biology 20)


Research Papers

Changes in Farming Practices in Saskatchewan by Amy McInnis, WDM (PDF)

Saskatchewan Weather, Climate and Soils by Amy McInnis, WDM (PDF)

Beyond King Wheat: Achievements of the Crop Development Centre by Amy McInnis, WDM (PDF)

The Wheat That Won the West: The Impact of Marquis Wheat Development by Amy McInnis, WDM (PDF)

The Transformation of Rapeseed to Canola: A Cinderella Story by Amy McInnis, WDM (PDF)

Agricultural Biotechnology in Saskatchewan by Amy McInnis, WDM (PDF)

Saskatchewan Contributions to Harvesting Technology by Amy McInnis, WDM (PDF)

Agricultural Diversification in Saskatchewan by Amy McInnis, WDM (PDF)

Innovative Implements: The Strength and Legacy of Saskatchewan’s Manufacturing Industry by Amy McInnis, WDM (PDF)

The Story of Crested Wheatgrass Development by Amy McInnis, WDM (PDF)

Grasshopper Campaigns in Saskatchewan During the 1930s by Joan Champ, WDM (PDF)

Agriculture: The Relationship Between Aboriginal Farmers and Non-Aboriginal Farmers, a joint WDM-SICC research paper by Eric Tang (SICC)


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