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Giddy Up and Whoa – It’s on a Horse and Wagon Ride We Go

Young girl feeds a small black mini horse oats from her outstretched hands through the fence. Other horses are in the background.

Learn about horses, how important they are to us today and especially to people a long time ago. Students will take a wagon ride, visit animals in the barn and tour the Museum.




North Battleford


May 5, 2023 - | North Battleford


Program Cost

$3 per student


2 hours

Program Type

Museum Led Program led by Museum staff or volunteers.


Giddy Up and Whoa focuses on horses and touches on some of the roles they have played in Saskatchewan’s history. Before automobiles, horses and horse-drawn vehicles were one of the main means of transportation for people and goods. Horses also provided the power for large industrial equipment, like agricultural plows.

Students will experience a horse-drawn wagon ride, practice listening closely to and describing what they hear along the ride, explore how a horse’s body language reflects their emotions, see our big red barn, learn new vocabulary (like “saddle,” “corral,” and “tack”), make a take home craft, and talk about how humans help care for horses.

Giddy Up and Whoa – Full Program Information (PDF)


Curriculum Connections

This program meets many of the Essential Learning Experiences for Three-, Four-, and Five – Year -Olds recommended by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, Early Years Branch including:

  • Experiencing heightened sensory awareness through guided listening exercises while riding in the wagon
  • Taking the perspective of others and showing empathy by learning that horses have emotions and how they express them
  • Identifying and regulating emotions, including using “feeling words” in discussions about and comparisons with horses’ emotions
  • Developing fine motor skills through the creation of a craft


How to book or inquire

Classes will be registered on a first come, first served basis.

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Or contact the WDM North Battleford Education Department at 1-306-445-8033 or


Museum Manners & Program Rules

Museum Manners & our Virtual Code of Conduct are rules intended to keep students and our artifacts safe and ensure a good experience for all visitors. Please make sure your chaperones and students are aware of and ready to follow them. NOTE: Specific Museums and programs may have additional rules.... Read More

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