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Harvest Demonstration

As part of a Harvest Demonstration, volunteers pitch bundles of oat stalks (sheaves) into the horse drawn stook wagon using pitch forks

Watch our volunteers demonstrate how technology has changed harvest time on a grain farm, from hand-tools to today's modern farming equipment.


Grade 4




September 18, 2018 - September 20, 2018 | Saskatoon


Social Studies

Program Cost

$4.00 per student


1.5 hours

Program Type

Museum Led Program led by Museum staff or volunteers.


Approximately 3000 Grade 4 students attend the annual Harvest Demonstration at the Saskatoon WDM. It recreates harvests of years gone by to give students a glimpse into the sights and sounds of harvests of the past. Our goals are to enhance and deepen classroom learnings related to the Saskatchewan Curriculum Grade 4 Social Studies outcomes which focus on the importance of agriculture to the economy and culture of Saskatchewan.

Harvest Demonstration – Objectives (PDF)

Nearly 100,000 Grade 4 students from all around Saskatchewan have attended the program since it began in 1975. WDM volunteers and staff have worked tirelessly every fall to ensure the Museum can continue to share this important part of Saskatchewan history
with students.

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Curriculum Connections

Harvest Demonstration – Curriculum Connections (PDF)

How to book or inquire

Harvest Demonstration Information – Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Teachers  – Application Form 2018
Harvest Demonstration Information – Independent and Other School Divisions 2018 – Application Form 2018

Museum Manners & Program Rules

Museum Manners are rules intended to keep students and our artifacts safe and ensure a good experience for all visitors. Please make sure your chaperones and students are aware of and ready to follow them. NOTE: Specific Museums and programs may have additional rules. Please check with Museum staff when... Read More


Harvest Scavenger Hunt – WDM Saskatoon (PDF)

Harvest Demonstration – Classroom Activity Ideas & Resources (PDF)

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