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Museum Days

Three students listen to a volunteer tell them about the 1910 era shop tjhey are standing in.

Students learn by doing as they try their hand at old-fashioned skills and meet Museum volunteers.


Grade 2 | Grade 3 | Grade 4 | Grade 5 | Grade 6




May 21, 2024 - May 22, 2024 | Saskatoon


Science | Social Studies

Program Cost

$4.00 per student


2 hours

Program Type

Museum Led Program led by Museum staff or volunteers.


During this two-hour program, WDM volunteers and staff will bring the Museum alive, inside and out, with demonstrations, interpretations, displays and activities. Students, accompanied by a chaperone/teacher, may try their hand at different heritage skills under the direction of WDM staff and volunteers. Teachers/Chaperones will be provided with a map showing where activities will be taking place.

Students may try their hand at making a rope, turning wheat into flour, writing with a nib pen and ink, washing clothes on a scrub board and squeezing them through a hand-turned wringer, pumping water and more. They may even watch a blacksmith shape a red hot iron rod into a utensil. All activities are intended to give students an idea of what it was like to live 100 years ago.

Museum Days 2024 Teacher Information Package (PDF)


Curriculum Connections

NOTE: Activities may vary from year to year, which means that some curriculum connections may change.

Grade 2 Social Studies IN2.1; IN2.2; DR2.1; DR2.2; RW2.1
Grade 3 Social Studies IN3.1; IN3.2; DR3.2; RW3.1; RW3.2; RW3.3
Grade 4 Social Studies IN4.2; IN4.3; DR4.1; RW4.1; RW4.2 and Science RM4.2
Grade 5 Social Studies DR5.1; DR5.3 and Science MC5.1; MC5.2; FM5.2; FM5.3
Grade 6 Social Studies

How to book or inquire

Applications are due no later than April 17.

Please note that due to the popularity of this program we cannot allow schools to stay all day and attend both sessions.

Click here to apply for Museum Days 2024 >>

If you have any questions, you may contact us at


Museum Manners & Program Rules

Museum Manners & our Virtual Code of Conduct are rules intended to keep students and our artifacts safe and ensure a good experience for all visitors. Please make sure your chaperones and students are aware of and ready to follow them. NOTE: Specific Museums and programs may have additional rules.... Read More

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