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fortune teller

Amaze your friends and family with our fun WDM Fortune teller! Watch the video below to see how Meredith and Courtney from the WDM Saskatoon show how to make and finish your very own fortune teller! or follow the instructions below to make one on your own.

Fortune teller making video

Paper Template

Download PDF template (330KB)


Follow here to build your own Fortune Teller:

Step 1:

Write a fortune or joke in each of the centre triangles. Cut fortune teller out.

Step 2:

Fold on the dotted (diagonal) lines and unfold.

Step 3:

Flip over so the blank side if facing up. Fold the corners to the centre.

Step 4:

Flip over and fold corners to centre again.

Step 5:

Fold in half

Step 6:

Slide thumbs and forefingers from both hands into ‘pockets’ and pop open. ALL DONE!!

Show us your Fortune teller

Upload pictures or video of you and your fortune teller to the WDM Facebook page using the tags #WDMfortuneteller and

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