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At Home Activities:
Story Time at the WDM
H is for Home

Cover of H is for Home A Saskatchewan Alphabet book featuring a white bungalow with green grass and shrubs in front of it. The author's name Amber Antymnuik is at the bottom.
H is for Home:
A Saskatchewan Alphabet
Amber Antymniuk

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  1. Based on the title, H is for Home: A Saskatchewan Alphabet, make predictions about what you think the book may be about.
  2. Who does this house belong to?
  3. Why are homes important?


Post-reading  (questions to ponder/further learning)
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  1. How is rhyming used in the book?
  2. What are grain elevators?
  3. Why are trains/railway crossings important in Saskatchewan?
  4. What are some of the most popular crops grown in Saskatchewan?
  5. How many lakes are in Saskatchewan?


Connected Activities

Drawing of a paintbrush marking a squiggleThe following could be used as pre or post-reading prompts for writing or art.  Please adapt depending on age, skill-level and materials available.  Students could respond in writing using a word, sentence, poem, paragraph, etc.  Students could use digital media to create a visual response. 

  1. Where is the most beautiful place in Saskatchewan? Close your eyes to help you visualize this place. (Draw or write)
  2. What places in Saskatchewan do you like to explore? (Draw or write)
  3. Why is Saskatchewan beautiful? (Draw or write)
  4. What plants grow in Saskatchewan/ in your garden/ in your house? (Draw, sculpt with playdough or write)
  5. What is your favourite farm animal? (Draw, sculpt with playdough, create using craft materials or write)
  6. Paint a picture of (or describe) the most beautiful Saskatchewan sky (look online for some images for inspiration: ex. Blue sky with white fluffy clouds, sunset with pinks and oranges, northern lights, sunrise, storm sky, etc.)
  7. Draw/paint a picture of your home.
  8. What makes your home a special place? (Draw or write)


Download this Learning Resource (PDF)


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