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School Break Short Films

March 31 - April 8

Hedgehog's Home

Hedgehog's Home


Looking for something to do with your family over the spring break?

The WDM Moose Jaw will be showing a selection of new and classic short films from the National Film Board in our theatre! Running daily on a repeating loop, the films will feature a variety of animated shorts that are sure to appeal to all ages.

List of Films

 Films will be shown on a repeating loop in the ABC Theatre each day.

Hedgehog’s Home Eva Cvijanovic 2017 | 10 min
In a lush and lively forest lives a hedgehog. He is respected and envied by the other animals. However, Hedgehog’s unwavering devotion to his home annoys a quartet of insatiable beasts. Together, they march off towards Hedgehog’s home and spark a tense and prickly standoff. Exquisitely directed by Eva Cvijanovic and based on the classic story by Branko Copic, a writer from the former Yugoslavia, Hedgehog’s Home is a warm and universal tale for young and old that reminds us there truly is no place like home.

A Sea Turtle Story Kathy Shultz 2012 | 9 min
This beautiful animated film captures the life cycle of critically endangered sea turtles. They face a treacherous journey on the beach and in the ocean—a journey filled with threats from both animals and humans.

The Trout that Stole the Rainbow Eva Szasz 1982 | 8 min
In this short animation, the world loses its colours when a trout, obsessed by the beauty of the rainbow, steals it from the sky. A vibrant, beautifully illustrated fable about how the rainbow trout got its name.

Mr. Frog Went A-Courting Evelyn Lambart 1974 | 4 min
In this short film by animator Evelyn Lambart, a handsome frog courts and wins a mouse for his bride. The colourful animation does full justice to the events that take place during and after the wedding breakfast. Sung by Derek Lamb to lute accompaniment.

Nunavut Animation Lab: The Bear Facts Jonathon Wright 2010 | 4 min
In this animated short, a self-important colonial explorer emerges from a sailing ship and plants a flag on the Arctic ice, as a bemused Inuit hunter looks on. Then the explorer plants another, and another, and another, while the hunter, clearly not impressed that his land has been “discovered,” quietly goes about his business. In this charming and humorous re-imagining of first contact between Inuit and European, Jonathan Wright brings us the story of a savvy hunter and the ill-equipped explorer he outwits.

The Peep Show Kaj Pindal 1962 | 8 min
This short cartoon film for young kids tells the adventures of a little chick from the time he falls from an egg basket and breaks out of his shell. Together with a duck who waddles along, he goes to explore the world and discovers there is much to learn, even in his own farmyard. (The Peep Show is an early version of the acclaimed cartoon Peep and the Big Wide World.)

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Derek Lamb 1964 | 5 min
This short animation film is cartoon illustration of the eponymous nonsense song by Canadian folksinger Alan Mills. Sung by Burl Ives, the song is given an unbridled interpretation by the cartoonist, and by the end of the song, our old lady has swallowed much more than a fly.

Vistas: Dancers on the Grass Melanie Jackson 2009 | 2 min
A stunning display of a stop-motion animation, Dancers of the Grass vividly depicts the majesty of the hoop dance, a tradition symbolizing the unity of all nations.


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