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Look up and enjoy the de Havilland Hummingbird "flying low" over the Museum Entrance. Climb into the cockpit of an Airspeed Oxford Mark I. Take the wheel of a 1926 Chevrolet Superior.

Rail Gallery

Front of locomotiveThe Rail Gallery presents some of the largest artifacts in the WDM collection including CPR steam locomotive 2634, CPR diesel-electric locomotive 6553, a superintendent's coach built in the 1880s, a combination baggage and passenger coach, and a caboose. A model railway diorama gives a miniature look at transportation by rail.

Take a virtual tour of the Gallery or climb right inside a locomotive cab -->

Winning the Prairie Gamble

Winning the Prairie Gamble overviewThis exhibit celebrates 100 years of Saskatchewan. A presentation with four mannequins sets the stage before provincehood. Events on the 1905 to 2005 timeline chronicle Saskatchewan achievements and challenges during the first 100 years of the province. Three special stories are explored in detail: Saskatchewan weather; the road to Medicare; and Saskatchewan transportation beyond the grid. The Theatre celebrates Saskatchewan people and places.

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Land Gallery

1917 JefferyThe highs and lows of Saskatchewan land travel are captured in the exciting Land Gallery. There are over 40 cars and another 16 trucks, from a 1902 Holsman rope drive car that looks more like a buggy, to a Ford Model T, “the car that put America on wheels.” See all sorts of winter travel contraptions, bikes and motorcycles, even a Citroën half-track that made a trip through the British Columbia wilderness in 1934 on the whim of a French-American millionaire, carting much-needed trail supplies like cases of champagne. Be sure to check out Blowtorch the mechanical horse.

Winter Travel

During the 1930s and 1940s, hazardous conditions and impassable winter roads led to the development of vehicles able to travel across snow-covered fields.

Check out a few of our snowmobiles, snowplanes, and other winter wonders ->

Classy Cars

1975 Bricklin SV1In this exhibit, the Museum presents 11 of its "classy" cars which feature innovative design, quality engineering or excellent performance. Some are rare. They span 70 years, from a 1907 Russell to a 1979 Lincoln. Take time to discover their classy features.

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ObservatoryThe stars have guided travellers for thousands of years. Observatories house equipment used to study the stars.

This observatory was constructed in 1913 on the roof of the Central Collegiate in Regina.

Learn more about the Observatory's history -->

Snowbirds Gallery

Snowbirds Gallery from aboveThe Snowbirds Gallery invites you to discover the story of Canada's own aerobatic team, the 431 Air Squadron Demonstration Team, known as the Snowbirds. The Snowbirds demonstrate at air shows across North America, exhibiting the skill, professionalism, and teamwork of the Canadian Forces.

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Aviation Gallery

Airplane and sign for Aviation GalleryThe sky's the limit in the Air Gallery. See the skeletal remains of a flying boat, the Vickers Vedette, designed and built in Canada for Canadian conditions. Enjoy planes that flew as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan during the Second World War. See an Anson Mark I and a Harvard Mark IV. At one time, the Anson Mark I was a pile of unrecognizable rusting metal in a farmer's field until Museum volunteers gave it a new life.

Check out a few of the planes on display -->

Vintage Aircraft Restorers 

HangerInside a representation of the Moose Jaw Western Aeroplane Company hanger is where a group of hard-working volunteers from the Vintage Aircraft Restorers worked on projects for the WDM

Find out what they worked on -->

Watercraft Gallery

This gallery features a steamboat fashioned after the ill-fated S. S. City of Medicine Hat which sank after hitting a bridge in Saskatoon in 1908. Other watercrafts featured include the Okeehumkee, a boat built in Regina, SK in 1912, and the Gull, purchased in 1935 by Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting. The gallery also houses a canoe built in 1933, a reconstructed ferry, a rowboat, and a motor boat.

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