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Peacock Rowboat

Harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of woodworking students at Peacock Technical High School in Moose Jaw, shop teacher David Boorah set his woodworking class to work in 1986. The 1920s style was selected to honour the early days of boating along the Moose Jaw River and Thunder Creek.

The rowboat was built using plans for the Victoria, from the book Small Boats by Philip C. Bolgera. Bolgera described the design for this versatile craft as “light enough for one person alone to haul up onto a trailer easily or drag up a beach; buoyant enough to carry a family and stable enough to stand up in or clamber out of over the stemhead; able enough to cope with a fair chop but not so high-ended as to be blown out of control in strong winds...”All this, and the rowboat is elegant to the eye as well. The Peacock students succeeded with their project, paying special attention to period details like copper rivets and brass oar locks.

The confluence of the Moose Jaw River and Thunder Creek had long been a meeting place for First Nations people. From the beginning of the settlement of Moose Jaw, the cool waters and the green banks attracted boaters, canoeists and families of picnickers. A rowboat like this may well have plied the waters of the Moose Jaw River or Thunder Creek in the warm summer days of the twenties.