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Winter Travel

During the 1930s and 1940s, hazardous conditions and impassable winter roads led to the development of vehicles able to travel across snow-covered fields.

Fudge Snowplane

Red Fudge snowplane

Built by Robert Fudge of Moosomin, Saskatchewan. Fudge began commercial production of his “snow sedans” in 1932, three years after building his first snowplane. Snowplanes were popular before all-weather roads were common throughout southern Saskatchewan. Fudge’s snowplane is on exhibit at the Moose Jaw WDM.

Bombardier Snowmobile

Manufactured by Bombardier at Valcourt, Quebec about 1956. Similar vehicles sometimes transported children to school. This unit was used by Saskatchewan’s Department of Natural Resources. It


Snowmobile built in Minnesota and sold by H.C. Paul of Winnipeg in the late 1950s. It was used by Alex Vereshagin of the Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan area to haul feed to his buffalo herd. The Autoboggan is on exhibit at the Moose Jaw WDM.

Ski-Bee Snowmobile

Ski-Bee Commander built by Ingham Industries of Lanigan, Saskatchewan in 1968. The snowmobile is featured in Winning the Prairie Gamble at the Moose Jaw WDM.

Lorch Snowplane

Lorch snowplanes lined up in front of Garage in Spy Hill

Lorch snowplane

Built by Karl Lorch of Spy Hill, Saskatchewan about 1951. Lorch designed his first snowplane in the late 1920s and went on to manufacture them for about 35 years. The snowplane is on exhibit in Winning the Prairie Gamble, Moose Jaw WDM.

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1941 Snowplow

Orange snowplow

Used for about 35 years to clear snow at airports including the air base at Moose Jaw.

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WDM Library Resources

At our George Shepherd Library, we have many books, pamphlets, catalogues, and images related to winter travel in Saskatchewan. Search the catalogue for a specific topics or model or browse the links below.