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Winning the Prairie Gamble


Model T Conversions
Through April 15, 2018

Model T Conversions

A Motorcar for the Great Multitude

Ford’s Model T was the first car marketed to working-class people. The new process of assembly-line manufacturing made production fast and relatively inexpensive. At $495 in 1917, the Model T cost more than many people earned in an entire year. Yet, the Model T was so exciting and convenient that millions of urban and rural families pinched pennies to buy them, often as replacements for horse-drawn carriages. In fact, the Model T was so popular that in the 19 years following its launch in 1908 more than 15 million were produced in factories around the world.

In this WDM produced exhibit, you can see Model T conversions of a truck, tractor and snowmobile.


Model T Conversion