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WDM North Battleford
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9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Highways 16 & 40
North Battleford, SK

Winning the Prairie Gamble

American-Abell steam traction engine with threshing crew of several men
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Those Were The Days Summer Festival


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Free Flapjacks and Coffee
August 12 - 13

Free with Those Were the Days admission
9:00 – 10:30 am

Heritage Village Interpretations/Demonstrations
August 12 - 13

Telephone, Drug Store, Elevator, Ukrainian House, Blacksmith Shop, Church & Hymns, Farm, School and Doctor’s House Interpretations.
Demonstrations include, Soap Making, Butter & Ice Cream, knitting, spinning, baking using a wood stove, rope making, quilting ,farrier, and wood sawing/splitting.

Dog Show
August 12 - 13

Tips on how to train your dog; dogs show training and agility as well as obedience to dog owner’s training on obstacle course.

Miniature Horses and Fancy Drill
August 12 - 13

Miniature horses are hitched to cart and have a specific obstacle course to go through in tune to music. This is a test of how the horse follows the horse master’s commands.

The Story of Threshing
August 12 - 13

Harvesting techniques using horses featuring the reaper, binder, treadmill, hog & shaker, treadmill, hog & shaker, stooking demonstration followed by a stooking race.

The Parade of Power
August 12 - 13

A parade of WDM and Owner Operator’s Vintage Vehicles, Gas Tractors, Wagons, and Equipment.

Two man sawing demo

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