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Winning the Prairie Gamble

Celebrate 100 years of Saskatchewan! Check out a few highlights of this exhibit below.

100 Year Timeline

See artifacts, photos, and video representing the events and trends which shaped and affected Saskatchewan since 1905. 

Did you 1974, First Nations in Saskatchewan celebrated the 100th anniversary of Treaty 4 by hosting Canada’s first Indian Summer Games at the Coté Reserve near Kamsack?

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"Born With a Drum"

Tipi in Winning the Prairie Gamble exhibit - frontA new exhibit is now open on the topic of “Education Among First Nations.” This topic was suggested by Elders at a workshop organized by the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre (SICC) and held at the WDM in Saskatoon in June 2002. Based on this guidance from First Nations Elders, SICC and WDM researchers developed a storyline upon which to base the exhibit.

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Formation of a Province

Four manequins set the stage for provincehoodThis introduction area dramatically sets the stage for 1905 by giving an overview of the long and eventful story before provincehood.

A First Nations female mannequin from about 1850, a young Métis man from about 1870 tell the story with two other mannequins, an immigrant woman from 1890 and a politician in 1905. A mural in the introduction areas shows a pristine parkland view before European contact. Artifacts, photographs, dialogue and a specially-written song connect the years before contact to the year of provincehood.

Phoenix Log Hauler

One of the first artifacts to catch a visitor’s eye in this exhibit is the winter scene featuring an impressive Centiped Log Hauler, representing the story of early logging practices. As one old logger said, “Half of Saskatchewan is covered in trees, and I spent a good part of my life cutting them down.”

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Natural Resources

A hillside diorama tells two stories: forestry and living off the land. On two sides of the diorama, early prospecting and the story of oil and gas are told. Inside the diorama, in an underground cavern atmosphere, the story of mining coal, potash, uranium and other products in Saskatchewan is told.  

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Theatre interiorThe Saskatchewan Theatre is an elegant, intimate and welcoming space that invites visitors to view the province with new eyes.

Authentic early 20th century theatre seating for 15, complete with ornate cast iron supports, are complemented by heavy velvet draperies and a decorative closed beam ceiling.

Six vignettes set into the theatre walls feature dress-up clothing like cowboy and cowgirl outfits for children, or a night on the town for their parents.

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Centennial Room

Colourful paraphernalia decorates the Centennial Room. Designed to celebrate Saskatchewan’s landmark 100th birthday in 2005, each Centennial Room offers an array of souvenirs and photographs reflecting the milestone celebration.

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Artifact Feature: Carved Figurine by Harold Coombs

Carved, stork-like figure in Winning the Prairie Gamble exhibitIt is believed that when Imperial Oil Limited used a stork-like figure to advertise its products in the 1950s, Maymont area artist Harold Coombs was inspired to carve an imitation.

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