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Privacy Policy

This policy governs the Western Development Museum’s collection and usage of personal information, to ensure that such collection and usage conforms to appropriate guidelines and protection standards, as required by law and public expectation.

Why the Western Development Museum (WDM, Museum) collects personal information

The WDM collects basic information concerning its visitors, members, donors, volunteers and staff in order to enable the Museum to fulfill its mandate and legal obligations, and to provide its constituency with expected services. Specific areas of need and use include, but are not limited to:

  • Staff and volunteers: vital statistic and contact information required by law, necessary in the event of emergencies and appropriate for personnel, administration and program needs;
  • Members: contact information necessary for maintaining the membership and for providing the benefits outlined in the membership program;
  • Donors (financial, artifact, goods and services): information necessary for maintaining donor records, maintaining contact, providing receipts and other benefits appropriate within the donor program;
  • Visitors: routine information provided in the course of registrations, contests, surveys and any other Museum activities with which a visitor may become voluntarily involved. General public: requests by the general public for information and services may require collection of personal information to facilitate providing the information and services.

Definition of personal information

Personal information is defined as information about an identifiable individual. Statistical information collected from individuals, but presented as a collective summary without individual reference, is not defined as personal information.


The Western Development Museum is responsible for personal information under its control. All WDM personnel with access to personal information are responsible for protection of this information. The WDM has designated a Chief Privacy Coordinator who is responsible for the Museum’s compliance with privacy principles.

Limitation of information

The WDM will limit the collection of personal information to that which is necessary for the purposes identified by the Museum. Information will be collected only by legitimate and lawful means.

Disclosure and disposition

The WDM will not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected. The WDM will not sell or otherwise distribute personal information data, except for the acknowledge purposes for which it was collected. The WDM may disclose personal information when necessary and appropriate for legal or regulatory purposes.


Personal information provided to the WDM will be assumed to be necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, and will be assumed to be available for the Museum’s use for these purposes. Providers of personal information, by choosing to disclose personal information, thereby consent to its use for the prescribed purposes. Individuals wishing to invoke additional restrictions as to use of their personal information, may do so by request. The WDM shall endeavour to fulfill such requests, unless prohibited by law or regulatory agencies.

Providing personal information is always the individual’s choice. If an individual does not wish to provide the personal information required for a specific Museum, legal or regulatory purpose, the individual must realize that this choice may limit or even prevent the Museum from being able to provide the desired service, program, activity or association.


When collecting personal information, the WDM will make every reasonable attempt to ensure accuracy. Accuracy will be no better, however, than that which is provided. Personal information providers are encouraged to notify the WDM as soon as possible, of
any changes or inaccuracies so that the Museum will be able to maintain the most accurate records possible.


Personal information collected by the WDM may be retained on file for an indefinite time, even if the purpose for which the information was collected is no longer current. Such information will be subject to all usage guidelines and safeguards which are applicable to personal information in current usage.


All personal information collected by the WDM will be protected from unauthorized and improper use to the best of the Museum’s ability.

Individual’s access

An individual may request and receive information regarding existence, use and disclosure of their personal information.


Board Approved: March 4, 2005

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