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Strange Saskatchewan is as much history as a fascinating walk through what makes this great province and its people so compelling. This humorous book weaves the province’s history into an often eclectic tapestry of farming, football and passions. Who knew this land locked province was named after a body of water, or that the offence and defence of the 1945 Roughriders had so few jerseys that they had to share? From the legend of the Turtle Lake monster to the 8 foot giant Edouard Beaupre and the famed St. Louis Light, this is a book that will amuse and intrigue you on every page.

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Carson Demmans is a lawyer and one of the country’s best gag writers,  working with comic creators and Dummies series of books.

Jason Sylvestre is a freelance writer/artist/designer. His work as a cartoonist and graphic artist has appeared around the globe in comic books, newsprint and magazines. He lives in Regina with his wife of over twenty years and two wonderful children.

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