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Patents 1905-1976

Search through all patents filed by Saskatchewan inventors from 1905-1976.

How many patents are there?

When the WDM created this index in 1978-1979, it had no idea how many patents had been granted to Saskatchewan people. How many inventions could there have been? 300? 500?

When WDM staff and volunteers finished checking through the 400 large volumes of Canadian patents, they discovered not 300 but over 3,000 patented inventions awarded to Saskatchewan inventors!

Why stop at 1976?

After 1976, the Canadian Patent Office Records no longer included the addresses of patentees. This made it impossible to locate the Saskatchewan patents using the same research methods.

The Canadian Patent Office in Ottawa supplied a partial listing of Saskatchewan patents from April 1, 1976 to December 31, 1979. Since this information has not been verified or subjected to the same research procedures as the main body of the index, all patents in this list include "Partial list of SK patents from April 1, 1976 to December 31, 1979" in the Remarks field.

How do I find a patent?

1. Download the Made In Saskatchewan PDF (Portable Document Format) file below:

Made In Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan Patents (1.2 MB)

2. Open the file using a PDF reader.

Get Adobe Reader.

3. Use your browser's search function (usually found under the Edit menu or by pressing 'Ctrl' + 'F') to search through the document. 

Is there a hard copy of this index? 

Yes. There is a copy of the Made In Saskatchewan patent index available to view at the George Shepherd Library at the WDM Curatorial Centre in Saskatoon. 

What else can I do / find? 

Canadian Intellectual Property Office website screenshotOnce you have found a patent number or other search term, you can visit the Canadian Patent Office website to search the Canadian Patents Database.

The database includes scans of original patent documents, including sketches and design drawings. 

Saskatchewan InnovationDoes the WDM have examples of inventions patented in Saskatchewan?

Yes. We have a few examples of the more than 3000 inventions, but certainly not all of them. Some are featured in our Saskatchewan Innovations virtual exhibit.


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