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School Closed

This morning, I went to the school that my children attend to retrieve belongings left behind in my daughter’s Grade 4 classroom and locker. Her teacher has spent the last few weeks sifting through the supplies and personal effects, sorting and gathering items for each of her students. The items were neatly bagged, labeled, and left on the front steps of the school for pick up. March 16 was their last day at school before the closure and like many other students, my daughter and son left abruptly without knowing when they would see their friends again and if they would return for the remainder of the school year. As a parent trying to work from home, many days have been a challenge coping with my own responsibilities in addition to helping with two sets of online lessons. However, in between working through digital assignments and navigating student-teacher Zoom/phone meetings, we have also found opportunities for life lessons. This includes learning to operate the washing machine properly, count pocket money, helping to clean and disinfect the house, going for nature walks, and learning about local history from visiting our local heritage cemetery. It hasn’t always been easy these past few months, but thank you to all the educators for continuing to support our Saskatchewan youth and their families! – Karla Rasmussen

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