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This photo was taken by Saskatoon photographer and Occupational Therapy Assistant, Rona Andreas. Rona works at Sherbrooke Community Centre, a long-term care home in Saskatoon. On March 15th, Sherbrooke closed its doors to visitors and volunteers. It was a proactive step to keep COVID-19 out of Sherbrooke, which is home to 263 residents.

This photo of Sherbrooke’s Executive Secretary, Brenda Craig, was taken as part of the YXE Underground Podcast. The podcast focuses on people who are making a difference in the community but are flying under the radar. It’s hosted by Eric Anderson, who is also Sherbrooke’s Communications Leader. Eric chose to profile the staff and residents of Sherbrooke for his April episode to show how the care home was adapting to a new pattern of life because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This photo shows Brenda Craig at Sherbrooke’s front doors waiting to screen staff before beginning their shift. The front doors are normally bustling with activity, but the pandemic has made it a quiet space.

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